Saturday, 25 June 2011

Back To The DECEMBER again ?

Sudden i miss him .
Why should you came back to my LIFE ?
You do know that I LOVE YOU that much but still you came back to my LIFE :(
& Hey boy , you're LOVE will remains in my HEART forever .
I know you knew that bcoz i've told you before .
You know , you're name aka your FULL NAME is always stuck at my HEART .
Your face , your warm hug , sweet kisses ??
I miss all that boy :(
It feels like i've started to HATE boys .
Wanna know why ?
Bcoz you're the only one my HEART loves :/
Since that on , i've noticed by myself that i close the door of my heart for others .
You are my last :(
I hope one day , you will remember me as i remember you :(
You make all the broken pieces in my heart stays like that .
Just you can FIX it , NO OTHERS !
You think it's easy to forget the one that we really love ?
Gosh boy , DIFFICULTY :(
All my nights , i'm cryin . bcoz of wat ?
YOU :(
I try to avoid this feelings .
But sometimes it can came back automitically :/
Not that i never tried , i DID but it just can't be avoid it .
My heart really belongs to you already .
You're things , your shirt , your picture always by my side .
Boy , why should you came back to my life then suddenly you go away again ?
Do you really intend to hurt my feelings ?
I hope not , & please STOP doing like that .
You know i can't HATE you :(
I just can't .
Every minute that i hope it's you who will text me .
Boy , you make me close the door of my heart .
I'm not melting anymore with boys word , 
When im with them there's only one thing that i hope that much .
I hope the person that i'm with is you :(
Do you ever misses me ?
Don't you want our LOVE to be back together ?
My heart cries for you :(
I wash your t-shirt over and over again but still the smell is still the same like you ever give to me :(
Maybe by that way makes me feel that you were always there for me right ?
I'm cryin while doing this post ,
Hearing to the songs that you ever sang for me :(
Wearing your white t'shirt right now .

PFFT , you're the ONLY ONE EVER !

Happy Moment =)

Okay , where to start ?
Hmm , let'see .
Xtahu laa pa maw ckap .hha =.=
I have uncle , not a real uncle .
Fake uncle , ehh i mean bukan patung but macam foster uncle .hha !
BHaa , apa bha me merepek nhe ? * dont mind about it -.-
me xberapa betul laa malam nhe . ada sotsot sskit .
ehh , byk kali laa sotsotnya . ntah laa :/
bhaa , start balik cerr . i mean STORY aq yg TERTUNDA .xDD
I have one uncle that really really cares about me .
He's caring , kind , handsome young man , there is just to many to describe about him .
But really , he's friendly & i kinda miss him actually right now :(
I've known him last year maybe , im not that sure about that but im grateful enough that i have known him .hhe :)
Everytime i go jalan , confirm laa t'jmpa with him .
Talk2 kejap then chaw .
Never jalan with him but today me jalan with him . -25062011-
Nduu bhaa , baik ehh c uncle . hhe :)
& this hujung bulan he will be gone away .
Far away from Labuan , 
separate with his family , friends & me :(
Aiyahh >.<
But he go Sarawak pun got reason .
Continue schooling at there .
He say f he continue school at Sabah nnti t'gnggu pla pljrn dea .
Well , that's good bcoz he look after his FUTURE ;)
& uncle , this is for you ----->
Best of luck in anything you do .
Do takecare wherever you go .
Jangan lupa diri .
Jaga makan & minum Uncle :)
Smile always .
Jangan sedihsedih :D
Okayy , that's all from Niece . hhe ^^

Some Picture of it :)

Hey uncle , thanks for being my uncle .
You're the GREATEST one ever :D