Saturday, 28 May 2011

Day to say Hey KOTA KINABALU

Hello bloggies :)
Well , this will be my last post for this day .
I'm going back to my hometown .
It's been a month since i didn't go back there .
I miss all my crazy cousins .
Mostly , i miss playin at kebun & terjun at sungai .hha
Best memo ever wit Jeremy <3
My handsome cousin :p
Anyway , will be gone for a week .
3 days at KK and most of the day at kampung .
Going to my granny kebun , help him clean clean sumtink der .
& my cousin Andrea i hope she's going to look more GORGEOUS .
She just came out from Hospital , dat's the sad part .
But luckily , God loves my cousin and save her .
So , i'll spend my whole howls with her <3
Tata facebook , will not have time to online ,
& mybe no phone will be allowed . ( i hope xlaa )