Saturday, 14 May 2011

Release stress

Just now i have fun , reli fun :D
i release all my stress at the beach ^^ thanks God :)
i laugh all the time & thanks to my awesome girl shasha for being my friend the whole day .
well , me n melvin didn't plan want to go for an picnic but we did go to the beach .
& yeah , i didn't bring any extras t-shirt , bcoz like i say we didn't plan to go beach .
So , we play volleyball at the sea , but until paras lutut saja bcoz tyda baju takut wet .hha 
then , while playing c bakri catch the ball then BASAH KUYUP laa me .
pa lae sambung play wit they all , melvin , bakri , dom , tonk , & the others :)
me & shasha the ONLY girl .hhe :)
how me balik ? masuk jaa in car wit the WET T-SHIRTS & SHORTPANTS .hha 
but still , i have my day :)
thanks to them :D