Saturday, 23 April 2011

Jiejie keiyi ? I just met her twice . But , seems like kenal lama suda . hha ! We create a lots of memories together in just 3 days . ILOVEHER <3

Our first meet :)

OTW maw sleep . hha !

I miss you jiejie ;( 

At Hotel :)

Isn't she's cute ? :D

Wit sys faye2 :)

Back to the OLD TIMES

Here are some picture of me n frens aka my kesayangan <3

Nhe dua gambar is ECKA . iloveyou :)

Ecka ft Yana 

 Besties , i'm sorry for all the problems that we face last month .
I hope this sort of thing would not gonna happen again .
Ecka , the tears makes me sad . imissyou & iloveyou <3
Yana , you also . nangis again . Kamo dua laa paling saa sayang oke :)
besties that will never ends .
And one more thing , sorry . gambar lama saa pkai . hha !
Time form brpa nhe arr ? 

Start my day

Okay , kinda bored today .
Last night for the first time in this year i ave my drink .
Thanks to my mum for letting me too -.-
Such a fullblast one . Even me didn't notice he was there .
Anyway , i've drink a lot . KICK ou . 
Tonight going there again , but i can't even join them drinking .
Because tomorrow school suda . aiyahh >.<
I'm bored with school . hha !
But , nevermind tomorrow night will be our last tyme with the fire fighters teachers :)
MCD kami serbu :D

ou yeah too 2412 , ive delete your picture . 
Happy enough ? GOOD THEN ;D
Anyway , congrats also wit ur new gf :)
Make her happy then , takecare