Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Emptyness in my HEART .

My life ain't like before .
What i meant is ,
BEFORE my life is full of HAPPINESS .
Not like now , 
PROBLEM keep on coming .
All i can do is just to be patient with all this .
I just have to act like there's nothing happen at all .
It works sometimes , but sometimes it doesn't :/
I want my OLD LIFE back actually .
I don't wanna be stranded in this year .
I wanna go back to the 2008 until 2010 .
This year is kinda sucks for me .
Not that no one love's me , 
They do love me , 
But i really just don't know what's in to me .
I hate to have couple for now .
I really don't know why .
Still searching for the answer that can satisfied me :(
I wish that i can go back to the old times right ?
I love the 2008 & 2009 muchie :/
I miss all that freakin moment .
damn :(

pfft , this is for YOU boy !
Like i say , i have closed my heart to LOVE a guy .
Pa lagi in this meanwhile .
I'm just not ready to be in a relationship with you .
You had the answer already right ?
So , i hope you understands it and appreciate my answer as well .
I just want you to move on .
We still can be friends , so please don't beg for me anymore ?
Because it's impossible for me to be with you back .
I just realise actually i don't love you at all .
You know that aite ? (:
& please forget me as your LOVER , remember me as your best ever BESTFRIEND :D