Saturday, 4 June 2011

Random , bcoz im BORED

Gf: im so fat and ugly 
Bf: what did you just say? 
Gf: im fat and ugly Bf walks away.... Gf goes up to him later and says what did i do wrong? 
Bf: you lied about the most beautifull thing i see everyday ♥

Im coming home LABUAN ;)

urghh :/
bru brpa jam aq tngglkan kmpng hlmn aku .
goshh :'(
aq rindu suda sama durank smuaa ou .
now im wit my bro Jeff & Jack .
they hantar me n mum go menumbok .
aishh >.<
this two crazy brothas makes me nuts buds .
nemind , still i love them a lot .
& my brotha Dodoi still at wad bcoz of the xcdent the oder day .
i didn't go check on him pun bcoz im scared .
still trauma wit dat xcdent near razzmatazz .hmm
dat's all for now .
later continue at home , im in car diz :)