Thursday, 30 June 2011

Missing someone special :(

Oh gee , wanna know what ?
I miss him badly .
I don't know why him .
I hope this feeling won't be long , 
because he's not mine & never will .
I know that :(
Yesterday is our last day .
I feel so damn fucking happy ,
Only God know's how happy i am yesterday .
Boy , you make me smile when i'm with you .
I felt very special when i'm with you .
I miss the way you treat me nice .
& Lastly , when you hugged me :(
awww boy <3
You're the only boy who ever treat me that special .
I won't revealed who's the person , 
I'm the only one who know's about it .
But sad part is , i'm losing him already .
He's gone , i miss him like no one else matter .
Urghh . 
He hug me :(
I felt special wen i'm with him .
There is just something about him .
I'm too comfort when im wit him .
I act myself , i don't have to pretend someone else wen im wit him .
No matter what , i'll gonna miss him :(
Seems like it would be a long long time i can't meet him .hmm 
Nvm , it's for his own good .
Okay boy , i hope you noticed that ILIKEYOU .
Ehh wait , i think i don't LIKE YOU anymore .
Because ILIKEyou more than that .
I'm falling in your arms .
takecare at there btw .
When he hantar me go car , he hugged me :(
Woahh :o
I was dat surprise , really surprise .
Imagine it , he hug me infront all people .
Wahh , it feels like im the only who stand in this world when he hug me :(
When can i meet him again ?
The next 1 or 2 years ?
Gosh , that is too long .
You go right now jaak pun , makes me feel like losing you already .
Padahal , baru berapa jam yg berlalu :(
You treat me special .
Last day , last hug , last meal , last talk , IT ALL BECOME LAST bcoz you're not here anymore .
Boy , i just wanna say im falling apart :/
Ok bye , takecare <3
Very special moment wit him . imisshimtotallyfreakinmuch :(