Tuesday, 17 May 2011

I miss her miss TERKEJUT

I have a pen , 
My pen is blue
I have a friend , 
My friend is you

There's a girl that i've just meet .
Yeah , at first tak rapat .
But makin lama me rapat sama dea , 
makin me suka sebab she's frenly to talk wit .
aka PENDENGAR SETIA knun kan :D hha !
well , is juz dat i love to be her fren .
& hell yeah guys , i learn to speak sarawak'ian .
abit ony laa . she teach me :D 
But , i dunoe y wen it comes to exam week , we become far apart .
& yeah i admit dat me KECIL HATI sma dea .
i wonder y dea m'jauh nhe :[
I just miss to hug her , aka mcm TEDDY ou :)
I hope she notice that , i consider her as my bezfren already <3

Actually i miss to be your friend , we use to be close together but seems you have a new friend that more equal to you it's ok :D

--> Dedicate this to someone that i consider as my new bestfriend who understands me as well . AM ♥