Wednesday, 18 May 2011

What a great day ever !

Anneyong Hasseyo <3
Guess who i met ?
Well , i don't wanna mention his name .
It's enough . but , gosh . hmm :/

‎: I closed the door of the heart to love. I'm tired hurting myself. Enough with the name of love. Love does not exist I have in myself. I keep it as a fortress my heart's defense. I know I'm not that weak you think so far. I know I will not gonna love anyone else again. It's enough. You're the last. I won't learned to love anyone again ♥

Today , school

HHa . today is my DAY :)
i meet him . well , sad part is we meet only for a while .
but , i consider as my satisfied bcoz long tyme didn't meet him hhe :)