Friday, 8 July 2011

Thrilled but Jealous -.-

Boy boy boy !!!!
You make me gone crazy when thinking of you laa ;(
You make me miss you that bad .
You know what ?
Last night i dream of you <3
& that dreams makes me SMILE :)
I hope i dream like that every night so that i won't worry a thing .
But , all of that is just a dream right ?
We can't be together -.-
We are meant to be just for being friends , close friends :(
But , nevermind .
I thanks to GOD for make me meets u even you're just my friend .
I appreciate it a lot .
Last night the dream makes me think of you all the time ,
In everything i do , 
i think of you then i will miss you like hell ;(
When can i hear ur voice again ? -.-