Monday, 20 June 2011

Guilty feelings surrounds me :/

Yesterday i bawa Sazri break .
It's not that he's cheating or what .
He's kind , honest , loving & caring guy .
But , i really have to be HONEST to him .
I don't LOVE him at all .
Sincerely depc .
I did tell him the truth , 
& he was like "omg i can't accept this" 
But in the end , he did understands me .
He say his self that " i can't force you to LOVE me " .
Ok , so that's mean he understands me .
Thanks Sazri but im really SORRY for all this .
I break with him ngam2 on our second monthsary actually .
I'm sorry if i did hurted you .
& your text messages makes me sad :/
But im really sorry that i can't love you .
FYI , i did try but i just can't dude .
Actually , im feeling so much guilty for making u like this .
I can't sleep well thinking all of this ,
It's my mistake who makes you like this .
I ain't suppose to do like that to you .
You love me with all your HEART but me ?
I dumped you . 
Im sorry for not appreciating your love .
I really appreciate that you go find my house in the middle of the night with Nazrin .
ouchh <3
That's the greatest thing that boy ever do for me .
Hey dude , we still can be friends right ?
I don't want you to hate me .
I really hope that we can (:
Because actually i kinda miss your caring to me :/
Lastly , i'm SORRY again Sazri :(