Friday, 29 April 2011

Suddenly i miss 2412

Oh my god , i can't help myself already .
In my mind , it's all about him .
What shud i do ?
I really want to forget about him bcoz i can't stop hurting myself .
It's suffering me :-(
I'm tired .

dear 2412 , I miss your warm hug , your sweet smile that melts me every time i look in your eyes . Really . I just can't make you out of  my mind . Even your t'shirt , the ring & the necklace i still wear it . The spectacle you gave , i take a good care of it . I miss when you feed me chocolate . & the other things that you gave i take a good care of it . Oh gee , i miss you like hell fyi :-(

One thing for you that you should know is .

 Hey there boy , i love you . You know that right ? Hmm , since i know you got the replacement of me . Damn im sad :( I just want you to know that i will always love you even i know one day you will not gonna love me already but still i will always love ya . HOLD ON MY WORDS ♥

By , Depc Jane :(
imissyouboy !
really , i hope you have the same feelings as mine . 
Gee , i hope you're okay :(
xoxoxo .