Saturday, 23 July 2011

Awesome Night :)

Last night was great , really great .
Having fun with my friends .
& now i kinda miss al that moment .
hha ! T''utamanya part eto .xDD

Oukay , here some picture for you to ENJOY it :)

 Yana & Me SNAPSNAP outside the house before Jalan ;DD

 Nahh , ini EckDepLiy :DD N'da boleh TERPISAH joh .xDD

 This is Ecka Gomez . Orang Kedua tua antara kami . Saya BONGSU ;DD hha !

 Dalink sya suap saya . Org t'tua antara kami TIGA SEKAWAN ;D

 This is Kyky Freakish . She's hot :DD

 Adorable isn't it ? :DD

 Oukay , this is Ima :D

 This is Afiqah Eddy . It's been a while i din't meet her . I miss her :/

 Ahh , nhe Fatyhah Sabrin ;DD She is CUTE you know + frenly :)

Ahh , this both are AWESOME :DD ILOVETHEMALOT :)

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